A downloadable game for macOS

What is the Truth?

Alpha and Omega were once close, but now they have drifted apart. Their bond, represented by the tower, is broken. You, the player, must travel between their different perspectives, emotions and thoughts, to try and find a way to make things right again.

EMET is a First Person Wanderer game, in which you will find yourself trying to understand the events which happened between Alpha and Omega, and go deeper into their psyche.

Explore, Listen, Look and most importantly - keep moving forward.

EMET, Truth in Hebrew, engages through realms of emotion and consciousness, allowing players to experience opposing perspectives through puzzling landscapes of the mind.


Explore each level for glyphs - these will provide valuable clues regarding the levels/how to progress onwards.

Headphones recommended during game-play

Use your mouse/track pad to orient your perspective
Arrow keyboard keys -> moving through the space
Space bar -> jump
Shift (held down + arrow keys) -> accelerated movement through space

Feedback and comments will are warmly encouraged by the developer - enjoy the experience!

Install instructions

Download the .zip archive
Following self-extraction, open the EmetFINAL application (Unity generated player)
Select your resolution + graphics quality level

Note: resolution of 2048 x 1280 and above is recommended


EmetFINAL.app.zip 80 MB